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17—18 ноября 2012 года, Москва

Pawel Sudra, Institute of Spatial Management and Housing (IGPiM)

  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Institute of Spatial Management and Housing (IGPiM)

geographer, GIS specialist, Institute of Spatial Management and Housing, Spatial Planning Department

Я буду на конференции: 17, 18 ноября

Мои доклады

Подтверждено GIS solutions for spatial planning and municipal management in Poland. Institute of Spatial Management and Housing – achievements, current projects, co-operation, future plans.

Institute of Spatial Management and Housing (IGPiM), located in Warsaw, Poland, is a research institution that deals with the issues of urban planning, spatial development, municipal economy, transportation and infrastructure management and environmental protection on all levels of administrative and functional division.

With regards to the above, it offers: research work, process monitoring, changes forecasting, system concepts and detailed planning studies, creation of standardization and normalization solutions, proposals of legal solutions for spatial management and housing, consulting services for public administration.

With the aid of an experienced and inter-disciplinary team, the Institute also conducts training in the field of spatial planning, real estate and municipal services management, as well as organizes international conferences, seminars and workshops.

The speech will include a presentation of the Institute, its achievements, current projects and co-operation with governmental units, research institutions and private sector.

Studies and documents according to the spatial management are prepared with the use of modern GIS technology. The mission of the Spatial Planning Department is to create modern GIS solutions for municipal authorities (self-governments) based on complete spatial information.

As a part of creating a portfolio of information system solutions, the Department offers a broad range of works:
• preparation and modification of GIS data,
• digitization and vectorization,
• creating Digital Terrain Models (DTM) based on the cartographic method,
• 3D visualizations,
• creating ortophotomaps,
• transforming data in various coordinate systems,
• spatial analyses.

The Institute is involved in projects related to the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in Poland. This includes participation in the project Plan 4All, financed from the EU programme fund: e-Contentplus. The project is focused on the standardization of digital spatial planning documents and their contents (land use and spatial planning data and related metadata) in accordance with the requirements of INSPIRE and preliminary results of the GMES programme (data and services). One of the planned results of the Plan4All project will be a geoportal for spatial planning.

The current works of the institute include a project on the development of WebGIS solutions (geoportals) for municipalities (local administrative units) in Poland. These solutions shall provide detailed data layers and functionalities supplementary and exceeding the opportunities offered by the national governmental service – Geoportal.gov.pl. The geoportals will serve in municipal management, as well as source of information for inhabitants, investors and tourists. The geoportals are built with ‘open-source’ tools and solutions (map server, data base management system, data libraries, map browser).

spatial management, spatial planning, municipality, local administrative unit, geoportal, WebGIS, INSPIRE, Plan4All, e-government